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An activist, Ifeanyi Obiaku has advised the member representing Okigwe North federal constituency, Hon Miriam Onuoha to focus more on lawmaking than posing for photo shots at the green chamber.

Obiaku took to his Facebook wall to remind the newly elected parliamentarian of her duties as a lawmaker.

His post read, “It is good to see that Hon. Miriam Onuoha is obsessed with sending an “I-attend-plenary” message to her constituents. Yet, we should be worried that she may have taken the National Assembly for a photo studio, hence churns out more pictures of herself chattering with other lawmakers, rather than those of her contributions to the national discourse at the green chamber.”

He continued,  “We hope Onuoha has not forgotten that it wouldn’t take long before the people of Okigwe North Federal Constituency that she presently represents begin to inquire about her achievements. When this time comes sooner than later, Onuoha’s constituents would not want to be shown those beautiful pictures of hers at the NASS, but only her scorecard. ”


While I urge her to keep this fact in mind, I do wish her well, sincerely.



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